Acantha spirit of harmony
They are not my concern.

—Acantha responding to what Liora said.


Acantha is one of the three spirits and a boss in Dungeon Hunter 4 game. Her sisters were Vespa and Liora.


Acantha is a protective and lovable spirit. She consider the goblins as her children, doing anything just to protect them. She even attacks the player for killing her children and entering her territory. Although being a spirit, she has a cold side for humans.

During the Spectral VisionEdit


Acantha stating she doesn't care about the humans

In the spectral vision after you defeated Oughon the Bloodcurdling, Liora arrived meeting the two. Liora discuss with the two wether to help the humans or not. Acantha stated she doesn't care about them. Liora then ask Vespa if she will help but Vespa said that they should let them die. The two argue. At the end, Liora leave the two behind making Acantha worry.


Release a single dagger as her basic attack.

Releases three daggers that can slow and damages the player.  Release a single slow seed that follows a player and when get caught, a large root coming from the ground will appear, binding, and damaging overtime.

Releases a pinkish spherical sphere that cast slow on the player.

Can release several arrows that damages and cast slow on the player.

As the spirit of harmony or nature, she has poison attached to every attack she make.