• Omar Ahmed 2009

    I can't upgrade weapon (tier 9) wise sly longsword, when I click upgrade nothing happen

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  • Demitriosdesouza

    Can anyone tell me how to pass this? I killed the fallen hero several times and the pink walls wont open...

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  • Meak.chick

    dungeon hunter 4

    August 23, 2014 by Meak.chick

    Hello fellow hunters...yes I am a girl, and yes I totally love this game! I'd like any advice on avoiding further bugs, like I learned on skull...I did restart, and wasted my money but I gave it one more shot and signed up here hoping to gather info. So again to avoid the bugs... So aside from the skull or weeping woods issue are there any other problems or bugs?? Thank u

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  • Emptylog

    Charms: Agility x 9 Storm x 5 Soldier x 1

    Ring: Spirit

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  • DH4Dv8

    Bugs Bugs and More Bugs

    September 15, 2013 by DH4Dv8

    "Yesterday my two newest characters were somehow deleted and I'm getting a message saying that there is an update available that I need to download in order to access online content but there isn't an update. It's kind of thrown a wrench in my progress on the walkthrough so bear with me." I moved that off my profile because I thought it would better serve as a Blog Post.

    Well the update finally arrived in the Amazon Store and I was able to install it without a problem (stupid coding still not fixed) and I managed to get one of my characters back for 10 Gems and the other slot duplicated my Battleworn so I just deleted it and started my Warmage anew. I'm using that to get more info for the Walkthrough.

    Things are finally looking up. I was comp…

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  • Starzzyy
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  • Freudsf

    Advancement in solo?

    July 27, 2013 by Freudsf

    You know, I'm having little bit of difficulty figuring out what the best path through the solo adventure is.

    If somebody can help me out and please point me to a resource where it has the best pattern to go through for instance which areas you go to in which order, that would be great.

    What order do you think is best? Thanks!

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  • DaphneDiane

    My main character has been stat bugged for a while, with the upgrade to 1.1.0 my stats are mostly normal when I play online assuming that I equipment something without charms and then add charms before the battle starts. Off-line however I have very negative stats.

    • Health: -56501
    • Crit. Chance: -1%
    • Crit. Bonus: -100%
    • Health Leech: -13.50%
    • Health Regen: -282.50

    What's really weird is though the seems quite bad, and I get the character needs potion message when I enter a dungeon, my character is basically immortal and invisible. Mobs including bosses pretty much ignore my character, and even incidental damage has no impact. I only have 150k DPS with my best weapon.... but I can just take my time. I also seem to have a -1% to my movement speed, whic…

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  • SolShadows

    Now, a lot of people always say that you need money to succeed in this game. Well guess what, those people aint too smart. Here is the trick to stronger-than-gem store gear.

    As you know, there are 5 types of flags, green, blue, purple, red, yellow. Green being map, blue being dungeon, purple being Elite 3 boss dungeon, red being pvp, and yellow being endless.

    Purple dungeons are the best, and here is why. The purple dungeon drops elite gear, that matches or beats the quality of Gem gear. The first purple flag, Valenthian courtyard, offers over 3 black iron a run ( If you beat most of the bosses) and Tier 5-8 gear. Now, the second purple flag, Dungeon Vestibule, offers loads of dracolith, and Tier 15-18 Gear. The third flag offers ancient cry…

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  • DaphneDiane

    1.0.1 Update

    May 15, 2013 by DaphneDiane

    Sounds like Gameloft just released 1.0.1, and was wondering if it fixed any of the stat bugs. Download seems to be taking forever so haven't been able to test it yet. DaphneDiane (talk) 05:46, May 15, 2013 (UTC)

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