Clockwork Dungeon is a Single-Player Level. Clowork Entrance, Maze and Traps are seen here. 

Enemies:   Brutish Lunatic - Brutish Champion - Brutish Archer - Brutish Slayer - Elite Fire Imp - Fire Imp - Hellion Spitter - Hellion Warrior - Ghost of the Clockwork - Maze Demon (Boss)


IMG 1870



Enemy Levels

Main QuestEdit

Savage Bedfellows: Return to the Clockwork Dungeon Entrance

Savage Bedfellows: Find a way out of the Clockwork Dungeon

Single Player MissionsEdit

Mission Rewards
Kill 1 Elite Lunatic Archer with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 2,120 XP Icon 1,930
Kill 5 Lunatic Slavers with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 4,240 XP Icon 3,860
Defeat Oughon the Bloodcurdling 2 times with a Tier 61 weapon Gold Icon 8,480 XP Icon 7,720


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