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A dank, windowless chamber where Oughon entertains his guests. There are no instruments of pain as one might expect; Oughon prefers a hands-on approach.

—Dungeon Hunter 4

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Normal Level 55-58

Kill 65 Brutish Lunatics with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 21,430 XP Icon 6,130
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 42,860 XP Icon 12,260
Kill 85 Lunatic Champions with a Tier 49 weapon Gold Icon 1,370 XP Icon 2,790

Elite Level 65-68

Kill 55 Lunatic Archers with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 51,400 XP Icon 7,490
Kill 15 Lunatic Champions with a Fire Attack Gold Icon 102,900 XP Icon 14,980
Kill Oughon 3 times with a Tier 61 weapon Gold Icon 411,000 XP Icon 29,960

Heroic Level 75-78

Kill 95 Brutish Lunatics with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 120,000 XP Icon 8,859
Kill 115 Lunatic Champions with an Ice Attack Gold Icon 240,000 XP Icon 17,785
Kill 115 Lunatic Archers with a Tier 73 weapon Gold Icon 960,000 XP Icon 35,570

Legendary Level 85-88

Kill 85 Lunatic Champions with a Lightning Attack Gold Icon 274,000 XP Icon 10,335
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 549,000 XP Icon 20,670
Kill 4 Elite Lunatic Champions with a Tier 85 weapon Gold Icon 315,000 XP Icon 31,070

Godlike Level 95-98 (Goodluck)

Kill 20 Elite Lunatic Champions with an Ice Attack Gold Icon 686,000 XP Icon 11,810
Kill Oughon the Bloodcurdling 5 times with a Tier 97 weapon Gold Icon 1,371,000 XP Icon 23,620
Complete the Arena without using any health potions Gold Icon 400,114,000 XP Icon 47,240


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