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Drall the First, archdemon and fallen Ancient One, is the ruler of the void. He is the main antagonist of the Hero and was banished by the spirits into the void. He was envoked by not only the Kenashi but also the King of Valenthia. Both, the King and Khiil Urd, requested him to destroy their enemies, which unfortunately meant each other.

He attacks by rotating his faces, alternating between different Types of attacks such as a lightning vortex that stuns you, purple meteors that have circles on the ground to warn you of its coming, ice spikes (like the demon wolf uses on lupine peak), a rarely used poison cloud and slashing with his hands. The trick is to watch for signs of the attacks and dodge them in time.


Drall: *laughter* What did you expect to achieve by entering the Void?

Hero: Stopping you.

Drall: *laughter* Entire Worlds have fallen to me. How could one mortal, spirit kissed or not even faze me? Speak the truth; Have you come to pay allegiance to me?

Hero: I would never serve evil such as you...

Drall: Evil? You wound me... All I have done was grant the requests of mortals.

Hero: So the Kenashi did envoke you?

Drall: Yes they beseeched me to destroy their enemies. But they where not the only ones. Your pathetic excuse for a King did the same.

Hero: No! That can't be!

Drall:Oh but it can... How can I be faulted for simply doing for what I was asked to do? Now then, I think it's time to flick you away and leave this place. The Mortal Realm will need a new name...

Hero: You will pay for this.

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