The Dungeon Vestibule is the second Co-Op Arena.

Entering the Clockwork Dungeon is the last sane memory the denizens of the Dungeon are accorded by their master.

—Dungeon Hunter 4


Dungeon Vestibule

Waves 1-3Edit

Enemies you would typically find in The Weeping Woods.

Enemy Levels
Hooded Bandit 13-14
Bandit Duelist 13-15
Bandit Archer 13-15
Elite Bandit Archer 15
Bandit Champion 14-16
Bandit Lord 18

Waves 4-6Edit

Enemies you would typically find in Lightless Grove.

Enemy Levels
Hobgoblin 16-18
Hobgoblin Hero 16-18
Hobgoblin Shaman 16-18
Elite Hobgoblin Shaman 18
Arborean Hybrid 17-19
Acantha, the Spirit of Harmony 21

Waves 7-9Edit

Enemies you would typically find in the Clockwork Dungeon.

Enemy Levels
Lunatic Champion 19-21
Brutish Lunatic 19-21
Lunatic Archer 19-21
Lunatic Slaver 20-22
Oughon the Bloodcurdling 24


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