The Eternal Battle is the end game battle ground. It consist of multiple waves each one more difficult then the last. The waves follow a cycle ending with battle with Drall. The enemies start from lv 37.

Wave Mobs from Level Boss
1,43,85,127,... Warmage Academy Council Warmage
4,46,88,130,... The Archives Demon Lord
7,49,91,133,... Goblin Tunnels Ne'ethkin the Despoiler
10,52,94,136,... Castle Valance Kra'ilash the Igniter
13,55,97,139,... The Skull Pass Roth the Repugnant
16,58,100,142,... The Weeping Woods Bandit Lord
19,61,103,145,... Lightless Grove Acantha, the Spirit of Harmony
22,64,106,148,... Clockwork Dungeon Oughon the Bloodcurdling
25,67,109,151,... Kenashi Trials Alpha Ravager
28,70,112,154,... Lupine Peak Demon Wolf
31,73,115,157,... Kankheer Ustrak the Devourer
34,76,118,160,... Wyrm's Nest Vespa, the Spirit of Power
37,79,121,163,... Ancient Ruins Khiil Urd
40,82,124,166,... The Void Drall the First

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