there are many gliches that have happend to me in this game. im only a lvl 30 and have found tons of gliches.   i have managed ro get oit of the map in mnay areas and go back in to an area i just left and re get the chests witbout fighting(you get traped in) found ways to get blood match rewards without figjting in it and so on..  the only rrason im saying this is because game loft cant be having this many bugs in there games a couple is ok but when you get alot of them its not acceptable.

no i will not tell you the reward glich becaise i dont want it fixed. :)

a couple times I've had the time on my bloodmatch freeze and go infinate but dont know how to replicate it...

i have figured out how to replicate it every time now :))

[let me put video so i just put link]

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