Little is known about this city inhabited by the undead. Not even the bravest archeologist dares set foot within its borders.


Prepare to get lost... Monsters vary from level 6-34. The boss is level 39.


Single Player MissionsEdit

Normal Level 33-36
Mission Reward
Kill 150 Undead Spearmen with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 6,355 XP Icon 3,320
Kill 30 Elite Skeletons with an elemental attact (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 25,420 XP Icon 6,640
Kill 15 Undead Necromancers with a Tier 49 weapon Gold Icon 661,000 XP Icon 13,280
Elite Level 69-72
Mission Reward
Kill 10 Elite Putrid Corpses with an elemental attact (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 39,645 XP Icon 8,045
Kill 30 Undead Champions with a Radiant Attact Gold Icon 158,590 XP Icon 16,090
Kill Roth the Repugnant 4 times with a Tier 72 weapon Gold Icon 1,084,000 XP Icon 32,185
Heroic Level 78-81
Mission Reward
Kill 350 Skeletons with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 53,830 XP Icon 9,320
Kill 340 Undead Conscripts with an Ice Attact Gold Icon 215,325 XP Icon 18,640
Kill 20 Elite Undead Spearmen with a Tier 84 weapon Gold Icon 1,226,000 XP Icon 37,285
Legendary Level 87-90
Mission Reward
Kill 230 Undead Spearmen with a Lightning Attack Gold Icon 70,700 XP Icon 10,625
Kill 10 Elite Putrid Corpses with a Fire Attact Gold Icon 282,790 XP Icon 21,255
Kill 20 Undead Champions with a Tier 96 weapon Gold Icon 1,509,000 XP Icon 42,510
Godlike Level 96-99
Mission Reward
Kill 20 Undead Necromancers with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 90,395 XP Icon 11,960
Kill Roth the Repugnant 6 times with an Ice Attack Gold Icon 361,590 XP Icon 23,920
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 1,929,000 XP Icon 47,835

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