Before I quit the game. Let me just share my pvp warmage build. This is only for hardcore gamers though. Thanks for viewing.

For Active Skills: Level 1 Freeze ray, Level 20 Phase Shift, Level 20 Freezing aura

For Passive Skills:(All level 20) Ward of terror, Divine connection, Vigor, Soultap

For Spirit spells of course, the lightning for stun or, if you encounter a same build mage, then use rejuvenation.

Charms:(all level 10)

4-6 pcs of fortitude charm or if you have essence charms, much better

6-8 pcs of charm of the mind for stun

1 life leech 1 monk 1 agi charm

The ring should be snake heart for increase in stun percent. Or if you encounter a pure stun mage, use the one with 80% crit damage.

Note that I don't go with ghosts charms coz I want my opponents to hit me so they can get the fear status. If you encounter a mage who's build is pure stun, in case of emergency, make an equipment boosting damage so you can 1-hit the mage. The crit build. 60%-70% crit chance would do and plenty of agi charms.

Thanks. Good bye dungeon hunter.