All socketable items have a name that consists of either a base name only, a base name with a prefix (one charm/green), a base name with a suffix (two charms/blue) or both a prefix and a suffix (three charms/gold).

Gold items (three charms) Edit

For items with three socketed charms the charm that determines the prefix is the first charm in alphabetical order. For example a Valen Sword with a Charm of Agility, a Charm of Arcana and a Charm of Power is called an "Agile Valen Sword of the Archmage", not a "Dynamic Valen Sword of Fleetness" or a "Mighty Valen Sword of Sylph". It doesn't matter what order the charms are socketed in.

In other words, an item with a Charm of Agility and two other charms always has the prefix "Agile". An item with a Charm of Wisdom and two other charms never has the prefix "Wise" unless those two are also Charms of Wisdom (e g "Wise Valen Sword of the Sage").

Prefixes Edit

Charm Prefix
Agility Agile
Arcana Dynamic
Bandit Illicit
Blessing Blessed
Essence Dire
Fire Fiery
Fortitude Enriched
Ghost Ghostly
Heart Cardiac
Mind Mental
Monk Martial
Nature Natural
Perception Astute
Power Mighty
Scavenger Poached
Soldier Fierce
Soul Soulful
Storm Magnetic
Winter Frigid
Wisdom Wise

Suffixes Edit

Charm of Agility Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Dexterity
Arcana Sylph
Bandit the Assassins
Blessing the Boy King
Essence Death Walkers
Fire the Salamander
Fortitude Physicality
Ghost the Ninja
Heart the Urchin
Mind the Fiend
Monk the Elder Monk
Nature the Saurians
Perception Acuity
Power Fleetness
Scavenger Shrewdness
Soldier Blademaster
Soul Ghost Thief
Storm the Bolt
Winter the Snow Fox
Wisdom Alertness

Charm of Arcana Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Sylph
Arcana the Magi
Bandit the Tracker
Blessing the Battlemage
Essence Celeste
Fire the Pyromancer
Fortitude Survival
Ghost Necroplasm
Heart the Werewolf
Mind Illusionists
Monk Chi
Nature Vitality
Perception Magical Sense
Power the Archmage
Scavenger Reclamation
Soldier Academia
Soul Vim
Storm the Sky
Winter Lupine Moon
Wisdom Astromancers

Charm of the Bandit Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Assassins
Arcana the Tracker
Bandit the Embittered
Blessing Blessed Rogue
Essence Debilitation
Fire the Arsonist
Fortitude the Highwayman
Ghost the Trickster
Heart Song
Mind Lupine Chief
Monk Pacifism
Nature Paralysis
Perception Spotting
Power Brutality
Scavenger the Pillager
Soldier the Warlord
Soul Draining
Storm Bewildering
Winter the Lupines
Wisdom Bandit Chief

Charm of Blessing Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Boy King
Arcana the Battlemage
Bandit Blessed Rogue
Blessing Consecration
Essence Benediction
Fire Immolation
Fortitude the Ascetic
Ghost the Angels
Heart the Radical
Mind the Fanatic
Monk the Chantry
Nature Primula
Perception Holy Sight
Power Smiting
Scavenger Divine Right
Soldier the Paladin
Soul the Crusaders
Storm Holy Wrath
Winter Lupine Grace
Wisdom Illumination

Charm of Essence Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Death Walkers
Arcana Celeste
Bandit Debilitation
Blessing Benediction
Essence (no suffix)
Fire Inner Flame
Fortitude the Vastness
Ghost Ectoplasm
Heart Terrific Power
Mind Enlightenment
Monk Retribution
Nature the Boon
Perception the Eye
Power the Shaman
Scavenger Soul Stealers
Soldier the Warmage
Soul the Vampire
Storm the Nymph
Winter Elementalist
Wisdom Cunning

Charm of Fire Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Salamander
Arcana the Pyromancer
Bandit the Arsonist
Blessing Immolation
Essence Inner Flame
Fire the Inferno
Fortitude the Cremator
Ghost the Fire Wisp
Heart Burning Heart
Mind the Firemind
Monk Flaming Fist
Nature Fire Serpent
Perception Embereyes
Power the Meteor
Scavenger Razing
Soldier the Fireguard
Soul the Pyre
Storm Firestorms
Winter Frostfire
Wisdom Ashen Hydragon

Charm of Fortitude Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Physicality
Arcana Survival
Bandit the Highwayman
Blessing the Ascetic
Essence the Vastness
Fire the Cremator
Fortitude Resilience
Ghost the Undead
Heart the Warrior
Mind Infinity
Monk the Exemplar
Nature the Troll
Perception the Nightwatch
Power the Berserkers
Scavenger the Rogue
Soldier Magic
Soul the God-Prince
Storm Stormblood
Winter Frost Giant
Wisdom the Lion

Charm of the Ghost Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Ninja
Arcana Necroplasm
Bandit the Trickster
Blessing the Angels
Essence Ectoplasm
Fire the Fire Wisp
Fortitude the Undead
Ghost the Wraith
Heart Twisted Hearts
Mind Frenzy
Monk Ghost Hunters
Nature the Woods Wisp
Perception Spirit Sight
Power Apparition
Scavenger the Poltergeist
Soldier the Revenant
Soul the Specter
Storm Blackwind
Winter Chill
Wisdom the Spirit

Charm of the Heart Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Urchin
Arcana the Werewolf
Bandit Song
Blessing the Radical
Essence Terrific Power
Fire Burning Heart
Fortitude the Warrior
Ghost Twisted Hearts
Heart Love
Mind the Siren
Monk Greyheart
Nature the Core
Perception Wolfish Hunger
Power the Zealot
Scavenger the Grizzly
Soldier Heroism
Soul Passion
Storm Galvanism
Winter the Wolfheart
Wisdom Sanctity

Charm of the Mind Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Fiend
Arcana Illusionists
Bandit Lupine Chief
Blessing the Fanatic
Essence Enlightenment
Fire the Firemind
Fortitude Infinity
Ghost Frenzy
Heart the Siren
Mind the Genius
Monk Revelations
Nature Toxicity
Perception the Occult
Power Discipline
Scavenger the Mad Looter
Soldier the Strategist
Soul the Mad Mage
Storm Psychic Storm
Winter the Ice Queen
Wisdom Eldritch Dread

Charm of the Monk Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Elder Monk
Arcana Chi
Bandit Pacifism
Blessing the Chantry
Essence Retribution
Fire Flaming Fist
Fortitude the Exemplar
Ghost Ghost Hunters
Heart Greyheart
Mind Revelations
Monk White Abbott (sic)
Nature the Viper
Perception Uncanny Acuity
Power the Pain
Scavenger the Hermit
Soldier the Warmonks
Soul Pure Soul
Storm Lightning Fist
Winter Mountain Monks
Wisdom the Abbot

Charm of Nature Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Saurians
Arcana Vitality
Bandit Paralysis
Blessing Primula
Essence the Boon
Fire Fire Serpent
Fortitude the Troll
Ghost the Woods Wisp
Heart the Core
Mind Toxicity
Monk the Viper
Nature the Realm
Perception the Serpent
Power the Basilisk
Scavenger the Raven
Soldier the Sylvan
Soul Harmony
Storm Saurian Caster
Winter the Ice Spider
Wisdom Forest Wisp

Charm of Perception Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Acuity
Arcana Magical Sense
Bandit Spotting
Blessing Holy Sight
Essence the Eye
Fire Embereyes
Fortitude the Nightwatch
Ghost Spirit Sight
Heart Wolfish Hunger
Mind the Occult
Monk Uncanny Acuity
Nature the Serpent
Perception Eagle Eye
Power the Garrison
Scavenger Greed
Soldier the Scout
Soul Auric Sight
Storm Stormsight
Winter Icy Gaze
Wisdom the Falcon

Charm of Power Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Fleetness
Arcana the Archmage
Bandit Brutality
Blessing Smiting
Essence the Shaman
Fire the Meteor
Fortitude the Berserkers
Ghost Apparition
Heart the Zealot
Mind Discipline
Monk the Pain
Nature the Basilisk
Perception the Garrison
Power Dominion
Scavenger the Beggar
Soldier the Battleworn
Soul Absolution
Storm the Tempest
Winter the Ravager
Wisdom the Ancients

Charm of the Scavenger Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Shrewdness
Arcana Reclamation
Bandit the Pillager
Blessing Divine Right
Essence Soul Stealers
Fire Razing
Fortitude the Rogue
Ghost the Poltergeist
Heart the Grizzly
Mind the Mad Looter
Monk the Hermit
Nature the Raven
Perception Greed
Power the Beggar
Scavenger the Goblin
Soldier Defeat
Soul Dark Harvest
Storm the Salvager
Winter Lupine Thief
Wisdom Foraging

Charm of the Soldier Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Blademaster
Arcana Academia
Bandit the Warlord
Blessing the Paladin
Essence the Warmage
Fire the Fireguard
Fortitude Magic
Ghost the Revenant
Heart Heroism
Mind the Strategist
Monk the Warmonks
Nature the Sylvan
Perception the Scout
Power the Battleworn
Scavenger Defeat
Soldier the Captain
Soul Valor
Storm Thunderguard
Winter Winterguard
Wisdom Veterancy

Charm of the Soul Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Ghost Thief
Arcana Vim
Bandit Draining
Blessing the Crusaders
Essence the Vampire
Fire the Pyre
Fortitude the God-Prince
Ghost the Specter
Heart Passion
Mind the Mad Mage
Monk Pure Soul
Nature Harmony
Perception Auric Sight
Power Absolution
Scavenger Dark Harvest
Soldier Valor
Soul Quintessence
Storm Soulstorm
Winter Spirit Grove
Wisdom Eternity

Charm of Storm Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Bolt
Arcana the Sky
Bandit Bewildering
Blessing Holy Wrath
Essence the Nymph
Fire Firestorms
Fortitude Stormblood
Ghost Blackwind
Heart Galvanism
Mind Psychic Storm
Monk Lightning Fist
Nature Saurian Caster
Perception Stormsight
Power the Tempest
Scavenger the Salvager
Soldier Thunderguard
Soul Soulstorm
Storm the Storm
Winter Ice Storms
Wisdom Alastor

Charm of Winter Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility the Snow Fox
Arcana Lupine Moon
Bandit the Lupines
Blessing Lupine Grace
Essence Elementalist
Fire Frostfire
Fortitude Frost Giant
Ghost Chill
Heart the Wolfheart
Mind the Ice Queen
Monk Mountain Monks
Nature the Ice Spider
Perception Icy Gaze
Power the Ravager
Scavenger Lupine Thief
Soldier Winterguard
Soul Spirit Grove
Storm Ice Storms
Winter the Glacier
Wisdom the North Star

Charm of Wisdom Edit

Combined with Suffix
Agility Alertness
Arcana Astromancers
Bandit Bandit Chief
Blessing Illumination
Essence Cunning
Fire Ashen Hydragon
Fortitude the Lion
Ghost the Spirit
Heart Sanctity
Mind Eldritch Dread
Monk the Abbot
Nature Forest Wisp
Perception the Falcon
Power the Ancients
Scavenger Foraging
Soldier Veterancy
Soul Eternity
Storm Alastor
Winter the North Star
Wisdom the Sage