This library contains rooms and rooms of books, tomes, and scrolls. Also, this is where the Boon Sisters are instructed in botany and the healing arts.

—Dungeon Hunter 4

The Archives is a co-op level that is opened up after investigating the problems at the Warmage Academy, in the mission Valenthian Hero. It is a series of 3 areas, each of which has 3 waves of monsters. The Boss of the level is the Demon Lord, in the absence of the Grand Abbot.


The Archives map

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Single Player MissionsEdit



Normal Level 9-12

Kill 100 Imps Gold Icon 340 XP Icon 700
Kill 100 Corrupted Abbots with a charmed weapon Gold Icon 685 XP Icon 1,395
Kill 5 Elite Knightmares with a Tier 13 weapon Gold Icon 1,370 XP Icon 2,790

Elite Level 49-52

Kill 3 Elite Imps Gold Icon 16,950 XP Icon 5,335
Kill 15 Abominations with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 67,625 XP Icon 10,670
Kill 2 Deamon Lords with a Tier 49 weapon Gold Icon 225,000 XP Icon 21,345

Heroic Level 58-61

Kill 110 Corrupted Abbots with an elemental attack (Fire/Ice/Lightning) Gold Icon 25,720 XP Icon 6,535
Kill 200 Knightmares with a Fire Attack Gold Icon 102,870 XP Icon 13,065
Kill 10 Elite Imps with a Tier 60 weapon Gold Icon 270,000 XP Icon 26,130

Legendary Level 67-70

Kill 330 Imps with a Poison Attack Gold Icon 36,845 XP Icon 7,765
Complete the Arena by using at most 1 potion Gold Icon 147,370 XP Icon 15,535
Kill 10 Elite Knightmares with a Tier 72 weapon Gold Icon 315,000 XP Icon 31,070

Godlike Level 76-79

Kill 25 Abominations with a Lightning Attack Gold Icon 50,455 XP Icon 9,035
Kill the Deamon Lord 4 times with a Radiant Attack Gold Icon 201,810 XP Icon 18,070
Complete the Arena in less than 10 minutes Gold Icon 431,000 XP Icon 36,140

Items ObtainableEdit

Item Type
Standard Sword Battleworn Weapons
Copper Broadsword Battleworn Weapons
Standard Helm Battleworn Helmets
Copper Helmet Battleworn Helmets
Standard Cuirass Battleworn Armors
Copper Hauberk Battleworn Armors
Standard Gauntlets Battleworn Gauntlets
Copper Vambraces Battleworn Gauntlets
Standard Boots Battleworn Boots
Copper Greaves Battleworn Boots
Charm of the Heart Lv1 Charms
Charm of Arcana Lv1 Charms
Charm of Agility Lv1 Charms
Black Iron Crafting