"Yesterday my two newest characters were somehow deleted and I'm getting a message saying that there is an update available that I need to download in order to access online content but there isn't an update. It's kind of thrown a wrench in my progress on the walkthrough so bear with me." I moved that off my profile because I thought it would better serve as a Blog Post.

Well the update finally arrived in the Amazon Store and I was able to install it without a problem (stupid coding still not fixed) and I managed to get one of my characters back for 10 Gems and the other slot duplicated my Battleworn so I just deleted it and started my Warmage anew. I'm using that to get more info for the Walkthrough.

Things are finally looking up. I was compensated 40,000 gems and 50,000,000 gold for the characters I'd lost previously after weeks of waiting and going back and forth with scripted responses.

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