My main character has been stat bugged for a while, with the upgrade to 1.1.0 my stats are mostly normal when I play online assuming that I equipment something without charms and then add charms before the battle starts. Off-line however I have very negative stats.

  • Health: -56501
  • Crit. Chance: -1%
  • Crit. Bonus: -100%
  • Health Leech: -13.50%
  • Health Regen: -282.50

What's really weird is though the seems quite bad, and I get the character needs potion message when I enter a dungeon, my character is basically immortal and invisible. Mobs including bosses pretty much ignore my character, and even incidental damage has no impact. I only have 150k DPS with my best weapon.... but I can just take my time. I also seem to have a -1% to my movement speed, which adds to the zombie feel.

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