Now, a lot of people always say that you need money to succeed in this game. Well guess what, those people aint too smart. Here is the trick to stronger-than-gem store gear.

As you know, there are 5 types of flags, green, blue, purple, red, yellow. Green being map, blue being dungeon, purple being Elite 3 boss dungeon, red being pvp, and yellow being endless.

Purple dungeons are the best, and here is why. The purple dungeon drops elite gear, that matches or beats the quality of Gem gear. The first purple flag, Valenthian courtyard, offers over 3 black iron a run ( If you beat most of the bosses) and Tier 5-8 gear. Now, the second purple flag, Dungeon Vestibule, offers loads of dracolith, and Tier 15-18 Gear. The third flag offers ancient crystals, and higher tier, while the fourth flag offers voidstone and very high tier gear. Within a few hours of doing dungeon vestibule, I had completly replaced my gear that I bought with 2000 gems!

I hope this guide helps you, and shows the uses of these 4 special flags. Thanks for reading guys!


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