From a young age, the Academy's Warmages are trained in arcane destruction. They serve in the Valen army as human cannons, and can teleport away from danger if the enemy gets too close.

—Dungeon Hunter 4



The following are the stats for a level 1 warmage in starting gear.

  • Health: 609 = 551 ( base ) + 58 ( equipment )
  • Energy: 480
  • Crit. Chance: 5%
  • Crit. Bonus: 50%
  • Health Regen: 3.05
  • Energy Regen: 4.80
  • Attack Speed: ~1.43 attacks per second

Each Level UpEdit

  • Health: +50
  • Energy: +6
  • Skill Points: +1

Voice actorsEdit

The male version of the warmage is voiced by Scottie Ray. The female version of the warmage is voiced by Lianne Marie Dobbs who also did the voice for the female version of the blademaster.

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